Community Message Board

It is that time of year again.  Your annual assessment dues of $600.00 are due on the last Sunday in January, Your payment is due on January 29, 2017.  All checks need to be made payable to Abbotts Run HOA.  Please note that a late fee of $50 will be assessed if your payment is not in the Clubhouse mailbox by 5 pm January 29, 2017.     An additional monthly late fee of $50 will be assessed to your account on the 1st of every month until payment is received.  I cannot stress the importance of making sure that your payment is in the clubhouse mail box before 5 pm January 29, 2017.  If you are late, your payment will be returned back to you for payment of the dues and the late fee penalty.

Our HOA board is comprised of volunteers, if interested in contributing, please consider the completion of a Nomination form (located on the Website) or attending in person the HOA meeting to nominate yourself.  Please consider serving on the HOA Board.  Most of our current Board members have been serving for 4+ years.

The HOA has scheduled the next Annual Abbotts Run HOA meeting for, Sunday February 12, 2017, at 2 PM in the Abbotts Run Clubhouse.  Mark your calendars and please plan on attending.

Twitter – Please sign up to receive alerts from the HOA Twitter account.  The twitter account is just for HOA announcements, Event reminders, and Alerts as it relates to weather, police, fire, and medical situations within the community.  Follow us at @AbbottsRunHoa.

Please be aware – starting in 2016, all covenants and bylaw violations (examples: weed and feed, lawn care maintenance, home exterior appearance, etc…) will be issued a reminder fee per incident after one warning.  Effective immediately all vehicle overnight street parking will be issued a $25 reminder fee per incident without any warning.  Please also be aware due to resident and school student safety, vehicles blocking the sidewalks will not be tolerated and will be issued a reminder fee of $25 per incident immediately.

Pet Owners. You are responsible for your pets.  Failure to pick up after them will incur you a $100 fee (first time offence), $150 fee (second time offence), and a third+ offence will incur you a $250 fee per incident.

Tennis Courts. We have noticed a large number of non-residents including tennis instructors who have been using Abbotts Run tennis courts.  Instructors teaching residents must have insurance as the HOA insurance does not cover them or their students.  Abbotts Run Homeowners/Residents are responsible to make sure that the tennis instructors do have insurance.  Tennis courts are for Abbotts Run Residents and their guests only.  Residents have to be present with their guests on the court at all times. All unaccompanied guests will be forced to leave immediately and be considered to be trespassing.

Graduating Senior.  If you have a high school senior or college senior graduating in 2017, please email the Board at  For college graduates, please indicate which college or university they are graduating from.  If your high school senior is home schooled or graduating from a school other than Northview High School, we would like to still include their name on the banner.