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Season Greetings - This is a reminder that for the Calendar year 2024, Abbotts Run HOA annual dues will be $749.00.
 Your annual assessment dues of $749.00 are due by the last Saturday of January 2024.  All checks need to be made payable to Abbotts Run HOA.  Please note that a late fee of $50 will be assessed if your payment is not in the Clubhouse mailbox by 5pm January 27, 2024.     An additional monthly late fee of $50 will be assessed to your account on the 1st of every month until payment is received.  I cannot stress the importance of making sure that your payment is in the clubhouse mail box before 5pm January 27, 2024.  If you are late, your payment will be returned back to you for payment of the dues and the late fee penalty.
The HOA has scheduled the next Annual Abbotts Run General HOA meeting for, Sunday February 18, 2024, at 2PM in the Abbotts Run Clubhouse.  Mark your calendars.  If you do not intend to attend, please complete the PROXY and submit it along with your dues.  The PROXY can be found under the “Forms/Documents” on our Website at
The number one HOA violation/complaint continues to be vehicle overnight parking on the street.  Remember that this violation carries an immediate $25 “fee” per incident without any warning.  If your property is tenanted, please warn your tenants as the home owner will be assessed the fine.
Pet Owners:
You are responsible for your pets.  Failure to pick up after them will incur you a $200 fee (first time offence), $300 fee (second time offence), and a third+ offence will incur you a $500 fee per incident.

Exterior Projects or Changes
Planning changes to the exterior of your home? Approval must be obtained from the ACC. Common changes that require approval include:
·         Painting the exterior of your home
·         Building a deck, garage, patio, or fences
·         Driveway paving
·         Tree removal: any tree over 4” in diameter that is not diseased or posing a hazard to a dwelling, must be approved prior to removal by the ACC and the City of Johns Creek.
To submit a project for approval, please email the board at
Garbage and Refuse Disposal Bins
Trash and garbage containers shall not be permitted to remain in public view except on days of trash collection.  Storage of any other items shall be within the confines of the rear yards directly behind the house.  Please store your Garbage/Recycling Bins out of sight from street.
Flower gardens, shrubs, pine straw areas, and trees which shall be neatly maintained, all open areas shall be maintained as lawns, and all lawn areas shall be kept mowed and shall not be permitted to grow to a height in excess of five inches.  Every homeowner shall apply lawn weed and feed control to maintain their lawns.
Graduating Seniors
If you have a high school senior or college senior graduating in 2024, please email the Board at  For college graduates, please indicate which college or university they are graduating from.  If your high school senior is home schooled or graduating from a school other than Northview High School, we would like to still include their name and their school’s name on the banner.